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ChildCare Manager software solution has enabled childcare center directors to track their center’s history, complete bookkeeping, monitor staff resources, and record each child’s history and progress. It’s been a comprehensive tool for childcare directors to manage their centers, but as technology evolves, so do the expectations of parents. What “comprehensive” means for you as a childcare director has evolved. Childcare centers have to meet parents where they are at with the instantaneous information they want.

Smartcare, founded by the same people you know at ChildCare Manager, is that next level of communication and control that you need to run your center. This completely cloud-based software allows you to reach any parent or staff member, at any time, on any device—mobile, tablet, or desktop—through the cutting-edge Smartcare application.

With Smartcare’s software, your center will be able to:

• Sign-in and sign-out children safely, with automatic updates to parents and all staff
• Communicate directly with parents on the Smartcare app
• Send out and monitor payroll for staff
• Input live-updates on each child’s whereabouts at the center, medical history, incident reports, learning milestones, and birthdays
• Allow parents to track payment history and pay enrollment fees quickly and securely on the app

With other center management programs, childcare directors have to purchase and hobble together numerous solutions to do all of the things that Smartcare handles in one seamless platform. That’s just not the 21st-century way. Get Smartcare and check off everything on your list, while keeping parents well-informed and at-ease.

Speak to a representative from Smartcare to learn more about how we can cater this exciting software to all of your childcare center needs.

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