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Features You Can Count On!

Personalized Software leads the way in providing new and creative ways to help the childcare industry manage better: Our commitment to technology and in using it to simplify childcare management and accounting is evidenced in the many new and exciting features incorporated in Childcare Manager.

We believe our passion is your benefit!

Change Center Information

Tired of having to ask your software vendor to update your program because your center name, address or phone number changed? With Childcare Manager you have complete control over your center information. Enter what you want, when you want.

Centralized User Preferences

Unlike modular programs that force you to go to a variety of locations to set all your user options, Childcare Manager lets you configure your program in one convenient location.

Export to QuickBooks

Childcare Manager has a built-in export function that allows you to quickly and easily export the following information to QuickBooks: chart of accounts, charge/credit items, payment items, family data, other payor data, employee data, timesheets, and accounts receivable transactions.

Instant Updates

Personalized Software continuously releases free updates throughout the year. These updates provide fixes to program bugs, enhancements to optimize your software's performance, and new features to give your program improved capabilities and are available free of charge to registered users of Childcare Manager. To update your program simply click Check For Updates in the Help menu. Childcare Manager connects to the Childcare Manager website and automatically updates your program to the latest version.

Built-In Email Client

Store email addresses in your sponsor, co-sponsor and employee records. Then, with a simple mouse click, send them emails directly from Childcare Manager.

Email Backups & Statements

Need a copy of your database at home or at your corporate office. It’s easy. Simply use Childcare Manager’s fast one click email backup. Your backup restores just as quickly at the other end. Simply click the file, Childcare Manager does the rest.

Integrated QuickCam

Childcare Manager not only lets you store pictures of your sponsors, co-sponsors, family contacts and employees but lets you take pictures with one mouse click using built-in Webcam software.

Authorized Pickup Lists

With just a simple mouse click you can display a list of individuals authorized to pickup or not pickup a child. You can even display their pictures.

Center Summaries

Improve your productivity and manage your center better with Childcare Manager’s CenterSummaries. See instantly a list of customer outstanding balances, bills to pay, shots due and classroom staffing requirements.

Program Security

Whether you need simple password protection or the protection that comes from assigning user rights, Childcare Manager has it. With Childcare Manager’s powerful User’s Manager you can assign user rights for nearly every function in the program.